Windsurfing in Kos

Experience nature, culture, action & fun in equal measure

A holiday by the sea can offer much more than just lying on the beach. When windsurfing in Kos, you experience the elemental force of wind and water and have a lot of fun at the same time. In addition, the Greek island of Kos offers many other leisure activities and sights, so that your windsurfing in Greece holiday is guaranteed to be a complete success!

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Windsurfing Holidays in Greece

Besides windsurfing in Kos also go swimming and hiking

On an island as small as Kos, you are never far from the sea from almost anywhere. Of course, it is also obvious to use the kilometre-long sandy beaches and the hidden bathing bays to splash into the water, swim and snorkel. Afterwards, lying on a bath towel, super-exhausted and wonderfully refreshed, and letting yourself dry in the Greek sun has an incomparable recreational value. If you don't want to swim in the sea during your windsurfing in Greece holiday, you can visit the Embros Spa on Kos, a thermal spring in the sea about eight kilometres from Kos Town. In addition to windsurfing on Kos, the island's beautiful mountainous region, which has an altitude of up to 840 metres, invites you to go hiking and walking. On the way, you can discover many ancient ruins and marvel at the magnificent view of the coastal strip.

Kos is also a great place for a little shopping. You can find gold and silver jewellery in various shops in Kos Town and Kardamena. You can also try the island's specialities and taste the fruits preserved in syrup. The Minaret market in Kos Town offers all the typical items. From there, you can also quickly reach the alleys of the old town. Visit one of the excellent restaurants and try the specialities of the country, such as the octopus or the typical stews. By the way, the food is a little cheaper in the tavernas and the atmosphere is more rustic. In the evening, Kos Town invites you to party in its bar street at the Doto Train Station. You will also find discos and bars not far from Dolphin Square. Away from Kos, the towns of Kardamena and Tigaki are also good places to party.

Windsurfing in Kos at Fun2Fun Sailing Center

If you live near our Fun2Fun Sailing Centre, you have the advantage of being able to combine your excursions and windsurfing in Kos. Take advantage of the good weather first thing in the morning to try a first ride on the sea and get your adrenaline pumping. The Fun2Fun Sailing, Kiting and Windsurfing Centre is a family-run business that you will find on the north side of Kos. For accommodation, simply look for a holiday flat in Marmari. From there, you only have to go to the edge of the village to the dunes to get to the windsurfing centre Fun2Fun. Of course, you can also choose a hotel in the immediate vicinity of the centre. You will find a small selection in the Spot&Station section. The surfing area of our Sailing, Kiting and Windsurfing Centre offers you enough space in two separate windsurfing and kite zones, where you can enjoy windsurfing in Greece in the turquoise sea directly in front of your door. In the deeper water, there are often two to three knots more wind force, so that even experienced windsurfers will get their money's worth. Simply sign up for a course with us or rent the necessary equipment for windsurfing in Kos. Our team of instructors is looking forward to meeting you and getting you fit for the prevailing conditions on the sea in terms of skills and technique.

Our windsurfing courses can already be attended by children, and adults who have not yet gained any windsurfing experience can also get their money's worth on the basic course. During the windsurfing course on Kos, you will learn in five days how to handle the sail and the board properly, as well as everything you need to know about sailing and tacking. Of course, all safety information and course material is included. For advanced sailors, we can also offer an intermediate course. You will learn new techniques and have the opportunity to refine what you have learned. If you are an advanced windsurfer, you probably don't need a course in Greece. However, we will provide you with all the equipment you need to explore the sea safely and freely. If you still need some tips for windsurfing in Kos, you can book private lessons with us. Our qualified instructors teach windsurfing on Kos according to the methods of the VDWS.

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